For Women Who Want Work To Work For Them

What if ... there was a club for your work life? 

Where women get together and discuss life when working, or trying to find work?

To get support and guidance, and confirmation that they are not the only ones trying to make it all work?

Well, now there is!

The Women's Job Club helps women get back to work after career breaks

It supports young women just leaving education on how to get their first job

It guides any woman looking to change jobs

It offers advice to women who do not want to move job but want their career to work better for them


It provides sessions for women who are self-employed, who need a peer-group who understand the challenges of running a small business and how isolating it can sometimes feel.

The support needed isn't just for one part of your job search but for every step of your career, to have access to resources and support throughout.


The Women's Job Club has one mission - to create a community of supportive, courageous, powerful, strong women who understand the power of joining together.


Women are not in competition with each other, but it can sometimes feel like that!  The Club creates a way for women to support one another in their jobs, careers and businesses, to come together to find the best practice for enhancing career and life balance and really making the difference!

Your career may start with the job search, but does not end there ...

Contact Us:

0203 865 2877

Twitter: @womensjobclub

Facebook: Womens Job Club

Next Regional Job Club is:

Warren Road Primary School, Orpington


Tuesday 6th February 2018

Price: £8

Next Small Business Club is:

The Highway Primary School, Orpington


Monday 29th January 2018

Price: £8

Next Power Your Career Session is:

St Magnus House, 3 Lower Thames Street, London, EC3R 6HE


Thursday 18th January 2017

Price: £100

Next Online Job Club is:



Wednesday 24th January 2018

Price: £6

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