For Women Who Want Work To Work For Them

"You have a particular set of skills" ... you're a women!

Finding a job can be hard.  

Finding a better job, even more tricky.  

And finding your way back into the job market can feel impossible.  

As a woman, it can be difficult to get the first role on your CV, to smash through the glass ceiling or even to find work while negotiating family arrangements.

What I have found is that the approach women take has to be different from men because women approach work itself very differently.  


You want a role that lets you do your job your way, no-one else's!

The Women's Job Club has been designed to tackle all three situations, to get you on the right path as quickly as possible towards the work that you want. 


The format is simple - an initial 2 hour kickstart group session, which guides you through understanding what roles you are interested in, how to frame the skills and experience you have to match potential job requirements and how to start that all important search for the right role.

To make sure you get the best advice that you need, there are 2 diffierent types of kickstarter sessions -

There are Regional sessions for mums returning to work after a career break, or for young women just about to enter the job market after graduation - these are focussed on how to use what you already know to show your potential and how to pitch those skills to recruiters and hiring managers more confidently and knowledgeably about your worth.

There are also City sessions based in London Docklands, designed for women who are looking for a new role, maybe a promotion, or want some guidance on how to perform better in their current role.  These focus on the job search and on your career plans and how to make sure you are not settling for anything other than what you want out of your job.

You only need to attend the kickstarter once, although the City attendees have found that they want to return for more career development support.

After you have been to the kickstarter session, you may feel you need additional support but more targeted to your specific situation.  Therefore, every fortnight, there is an 1 hour online drop-in session where you can ask more direct questions for more direct answers, and listen in to others' career issues and successes, to help you feel that you are not alone on this journey!

Regional Kickstarter

The advice is around how to write your CV, how to interpret your new skills aquired while out of the workplace, what you can offer a company, how to ask for flexibility in hours if required, how to perform at work to demonstrate value and how to keep a good work life balance.

City Kickstarter

The job search fundamentals are of course covered, but alongside some key hints and tips for not only getting a new job but knowing which one to go for in terms of your future growth and promotion propects.  This is the course for women who are ready to step up! There is increased focus in how to plan your career, how to gain promotions and opportunities and how to handle unconscious bias in the workplace.  


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