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I am passionate about supporting women in the workplace.  When I joined the workforce via a graduate scheme, I became aware of how the rules for women in the workplace are subtly different to those of their male counterparts, even when the recruitment process was focussed on skills and merit, and not gender.   Through my years in large global organisations, I have developed strategies and beliefs about how to achieve success as a woman in business, at any level.  I believe that a woman's leadership and performance strengths are demonstrated through the skills and aptitudes we have because we are women and not in spite of them.  The female workforce is growing in size and in influence, and we can make a positive difference if we start working in our own way and not try to copy the status quo that inevitably works against us.


I have coached hundreds of clients through their next job search, helping them discover what they are passionate about, what having a job really means to them and helping them find the confidence to go for the job they want and not the job they think they stand the best chance of getting (which, by the way, is usually unfulfilling and boring very quickly because you can do it with your eyes shut).  Having conducted thousands of interviews during my career and acting as mentor to many colleagues during recruitment and promotion processes, I can provide insight and feedback on what works and what doesn't and help you identify and get a rewarding and empowering job.



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Tuesday 6th February 2018

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Thursday 18th January 2017

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