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The Women's Job Club started off as a concept to help women get back to work after career breaks.  Then it was to help young women just leaving college or university on how to get their first job.  Then it was to help any woman looking to change jobs.  Then I got asked if I would help women who didn't want to move job but did want some guidance and advice in their career, to make it work better for them.  So I quickly realised that the support women needed wasn't just for one part of their job search but for every step of their career, to have access to resources and support throughout their role, which could be needed for far longer than even a two hour session!


 I already offered the kickstarter sessions, and the online drop in sessions, but I wanted to do more, to create more value and to help more women.  And it was also really important to me that I created a community of supportive, courageous, powerful, strong women who all understood the power of joining together.  As women we are not in competition with each other, but it can sometimes feel like that!  I wanted to create a way for women to support one another in their careers, to come together to find the best practice for enhancing your career and really making the difference you want!


Your career may start with the job search, but does not end there ...



Introducing a new monthly subscription service!


For only £10 per month, you receive:

- Free access to the bi-monthly online drop in sessions (worth £10)

- Free access to the closed Facebook group for additional content, advice and guidance

- £10 discount off any kickstarter session.

- Subscription-only exclusive webinars 


No minimum subscription period!  Pay monthly, no tie-in!  


Contact Us:

0203 865 2877

Twitter: @womensjobclub

Facebook: Womens Job Club


Next Regional Kickstarter is:




Monday 14th August 2017

Price: £25

The Next City Kickstarter is:


Canary Wharf


Thursday 17th August 2017

Price: £50

Online Drop In

Next Online Drop In Group is:




Wednesday 2nd August 2017

Price: £5

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