No matter what your circumstances, there is a club for you:


Regional Job Club

Each Regional Job Club begins with a short talk on a selected topic, ranging from:

How to decide what job is right for you

What job fits your life

How to find a new role

How to write your CV

How to interpret your new skills acquired while out of the workplace

What you can offer a company

How to ask for flexibility in hours if required

How to perform at work to demonstrate value

How to keep a good work life balance.

After the talk will be a Q & A session, and an opportunity to connect with other Job Club members to talk about the month just gone, or the month coming up and share experiences, feedback and advice.


Small Business Club

Running your own business can be exhilarating, challenging, and downright scary all at the same time.  Many women love the independence provided by owning their own business, but much of the work is done at home and it can be isolating.  If you are used to the office or the playground, you know how much better it feels to have people to talk over things with, to discuss what is going on for you and hear their experiences and words of advice.

As with the Job Club, there is an introductory talk, followed by time for Q & A and discussion with other members, where you get to meet self-employed women and hear what businesses they run.  This is more than an opportunity to network - it is a chance to share your journey with other women on similar paths and feel part of something bigger.


Power Your Career

This is the course for women who are ready to step up! There is increased focus in how to plan your career, how to gain promotions and opportunities and how to handle unconscious bias in the workplace.  

The job search fundamentals are covered, but alongside key hints and tips for not only getting a new job but knowing which one to go for in terms of your future growth and promotion prospects.

This session is as much about making new networking contacts as learning about career development.  With access to other women in the City, it is an opportunity to connect with others who may be able to directly help with your career progression.


Online Job Club

Not everyone can get to a meeting, or sometimes they just have a really quick question that they need help with.  This is where the Online Job Club comes in.  An hour long session every two weeks, designed to recreate the Q & A section of the Job Club, it provides you with access to a career / job expert, as well as share your successes and challenges with other women for their guidance, advice or support. 

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Next Regional Job Club is:

Warren Road Primary School, Orpington


Tuesday 6th February 2018

Price: £8

Next Small Business Club is:

The Highway Primary School, Orpington


Monday 29th January 2018

Price: £8

Next Power Your Career Session is:

St Magnus House, 3 Lower Thames Street, London, EC3R 6HE


Thursday 18th January 2017

Price: £100

Next Online Job Club is:



Wednesday 24th January 2018

Price: £6

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